Jetdocs for Teams


One place to request and automatically track info from clients, teams and groups

Jetdocs for Microsoft Teams speeds up the amount of time it takes to compile information both internally for projects and from external clients/vendors by 50%+.

Getting the information you want, when you need it has never been easier. Whether you're gathering information for weekly meetings, or grouping several requests together for a client, project or deal, Jetdocs keeps your information on time and aligned.

Instead of asking for a document or update, and then having to send 2 or 3 more follow-ups before the information is finally received, Jetdocs gets this done in a couple of clicks with templates, due dates, progress tracking and automatic reminders. Forget tracking sheets and sticky notes!

Jetdocs is the perfect application for:

  • Marketing agencies (onboarding clients, gathering info for client briefs, project updates and new campaign ideas)
  • Accounting firms (requesting information during audits and transactions, onboarding clients, prepping for busy season and client wide questions)
  • Government agencies and cities (requesting information from external vendors, stakeholders or from various departments)
  • Consultants (request project-specific info from clients, departments and teams) 
  • Law firms (request information for ongoing cases and from your client base) 
  • Investment banks (request and track information related to ongoing deals)
  • Real estate (allow property and leasing managers to request information from tenants)

Additionally, with Jetdocs you can take advantage of:

  • Projects: manage multiple requests that are part of a larger group
  • Provide due dates for your requests so people know when you need your information by
  • Set automatic reminders so users get notified if they haven't yet provided their information
  • Built-in dashboards to track the status and progress of your requests
  • Custom templates for frequent requests
  • View the information of your requests in Microsoft Teams or export to Microsoft Excel (.CSV) or Microsoft Word (.DOCX) 

For those providing information, if you’re a Microsoft Teams user, you have the ability to answer incoming requests within Microsoft Teams. Every request you send will also send an email to the respective contact to fill out their information through a web link. If you need information from a user who is not signed up for Jetdocs on Microsoft Teams, no problem!

Compiling information just got easy. Try Jetdocs today!

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