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Proofread & review contracts faster and more accurately with Loio Contract Assistant.

If you are working in law, you know more than anyone that legal documents can be incredibly time-consuming and nitpicky. Whether you are drafting a contract from scratch, reviewing the opposing draft, or just proofreading a document, you definitely could use an extra hand. That is exactly what Loio is for.

Loio is a legal document software that improves your productivity without interrupting your preferred workflow. Lawyers and paralegals can benefit from Loio in three ways:

- Review contracts faster and more accurately with the Proofreading feature. Loio's Proofreading searches your text and locates parties, defined terms, dates, money amounts, people, contacts, card numbers, locations, and placeholders. Instead of searching and double-checking manually, use Loio to instantly review key contract details.

- Format documents faster and easier with the Styling feature. Styling lets you review and edit all font types, font sizes, and line heights used in the text by sorting your styles into separate blocks. With Styling, you won't need to highlight and edit text manually — just use the add-in to quickly format sentences, paragraphs, or groups of paragraphs.

- Double-check and edit contract numberings and references faster with the Numbering feature. Get a clear picture of your lists, notice and fix mistakes using Loio suggestions.

Unlike most other software for lawyers, Loio is easy to hop on, quick to learn, and simple to benefit from. It doesn't create clumsy automated drafts or standardized assessments of your work. Instead, it helps you with the most robotic, basic aspects of legal paperwork, boosting your productivity, and lifting the stress off your shoulders.

Loio is a legal document software, but it is not a lawyers-only tool. Anyone who drafts or proofreads complex analytical docs might benefit from Loio's scanner and suggestions.


- Please note that we do not auto-upgrade your subscription plan and do not start charging you until you make a decision at the end of your free 3-month trial.

- After your free trial ends, we will offer you a monthly subscription for 19$ or an annual subscription for $190. If you decide to turn to a paid plan, you will be auto-charge each month or year, depending on the type of your subscription.

- Also, please note that we plan to make a shift to a 2-week (instead of a 3-month) free trial after 1/1/2021.

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