Loio Contract Assistant

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Review & analyze contracts faster and more accurately with Loio Contract Assistant.

Contracts are everywhere. Whether you are drafting a contract from scratch, reviewing the opposing party's draft, or just proofreading a document, you definitely could use some extra help. That is exactly what Loio is for.

Loio is software for contract review that improves your productivity without interrupting your preferred workflow. Lawyers and paralegals can benefit from Loio in three ways:

  1. Review and edit contracts faster and more accurately. Loio's AI-powered Highlights tool identifies contract parties, terms, dates, money amounts, people, empty placeholders, and more key details to help you double-check your document before submitting it. Loio also suggests how to improve some contract elements to help you maintain a consistent and error-free legal writing style.
  2. Re-format documents with messy styles faster and easier. With the Styling tool, you won't need to edit styles manually. Loio identifies every font used in the text and allows you to reshape big messy documents in seconds.
  3. Put all the numbering in contracts in order. The Numbering tool gives you a clear picture of all the lists in a document and lets you put them in perfect order.

Unlike most other software for lawyers, Loio is easy to hop on, quick to learn, and simple to benefit from. Loio does not automate your work but helps you with the most robotic and routine aspects of contract review — boosting your productivity and lifting the stress off your shoulders.

How does it work?

  • Create a free account using your email or social media profile;
  • Set up the add-in to your Microsoft Word;
  • Enjoy 30 days for free with access to all Loio tools;
  • Turn on Loio every time you need help with reviewing or editing contracts.

Upgrade to a paid subscription to continue getting assistance from Loio after your 30-day free trial.

Please note that we will not upgrade your subscription plan automatically and will not start charging you until you make a decision at the end of your free 30-day trial.

We offer a paid subscription plan for $19/month (billed monthly) or $190/year (billed annually).

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