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Installing the addIn enable you to edit documents from your AMC in MS Word with ease.

We provide a fully integrated suite of technology solutions to the Estates and Lettings sectors through our product range “Agency in a Box”. This product retails for just £295pm plus VAT which subscription price covers the full range of solutions we offer from mobile apps, to the Software that Agents use to run their operations, to top end websites, with fully integrated 360 virtual remote viewings.

Within their day-to-day operations all Agents need to rely on and therefore have access to a wide range of legal documentation – from tenancy agreements, to inventories, to eviction notices, and so on. Often this suite of legal documentation can comprise up to 30/40 varying documents and agreements. We up-load these documents and agreements for them to within our system. However, when they start amending them or adding fields or adding additional clauses, their layout and formatting within our software can be lost.

Full integration with MS word will allow our customers to fully edit their standard documents from within our system. The way this works is that the document being created, eg. a Tenancy Agreement, is first exported to MS Word, (within our system), which allows users to use the MS word full suite of editing tools. Importantly also, users will be able to determine where the page breaks should occur in the legal documentation they are creating/editing – they will also be able to preview the finished documentation to check formatting and to make sure that the page breaks make sense. Once the documents has been fully edited and checked it is then exported back to the work area within our system, from which place it can be saved as a PDF, printed and given to clients for signing.

We will not be charging anything extra for this service as its offered as a part of the overall Agency in a Box product suite.

To confirm also, there are no other charges, subscriptions or licences they will need to be able to access this service we plan to deliver – nor any other dependencies.

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