Data By Datitude Connector

Datitude Ltd

Enterprise-add-in to access the Datitude Platform via Excel

Datitude’s Excel enterprise-add-on enables licensed users to quickly and easily access reports already built in the Datitude Platform straight from Excel, all with a single sign on.

Users can be confident the data is reliable, verified and trusted: it's all from the same curated data lake and data warehouse that's at the heart of the Datitude Platform, but now accessible in Excel.

The add-in enables you to:

- Find and connect to reports created in the Datitude App

- Download them into worksheets

- Refresh the downloaded reports with a single click

- Create Excel dashboards using the downloaded reports; refreshing the reports will automatically update the dashboards

To get started with Data By Datitude, you'll need to:

- Check that your organisation has a contract in place for the Datitude Platform service

- Have a user account for the Datitude Platform service

Access to the Datitude Platform requires an organisational and user license to the Datitude Platform service, purchased separately

For further information about the Datitude platform, and to request pricing details:

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