Image and Template Management by Brandworkz


Ensure that your end-users always have the latest on-brand corporate templates and images

Image Management:

Quickly access and insert approved images directly from your Brandworkz Digital Asset Management system into your PowerPoint and Word documents, without leaving the Office application.

Empower all your employees to use your on-brand, compliant images in their MS Office documents and improve your brand consistency and compliance. This will eliminate the need for users to download and reupload images saving your users time and improving your brand assets' ROI.

Key features

• Ensure that your users always insert current, on-brand images that you have the rights to use

• Powerful, intuitive search to find the exact image you are looking for

• Users can check the technical info of files as well as the tagging such as licence rights before inserting

• Automatic image re-sizing so users don't end up with bloated documents

• Granular permissions to control allow different users to access different groups of images

• Cloud-based system, so no need for intranet or network login

Template Management:

Store, manage and distribute all of your MS Office templates from one secure online location.

How can you know that all your employees are using the most up-to-date version of your MS Office templates? You can't! Old versions could be saved on their desktop, hard drive or anywhere on the countless file systems they access. With Brandworkz, you can ensure they can access the latest, approved version of all of your MS Office templates in a couple of clicks.

Key features

• Direct access to all your approved templates from with your MS Office applications

• Controlled access to your templates so everyone only sees what relevant to them

• Any changes made to the templates are available to all users straight away

• Access to your templates from anywhere in the world

Note that to use this Add-in you must have an active subscription to Brandworkz which carries a separate fee.

About Brandworkz

Brandworkz is an award-winning Brand Management and DAM solution designed to address the brand governance and communication needs of major brands, including Dr Martens, Mitsubishi, FIAT, Aon, British Land and many more. All of whom use our cloud-based platform to provide a single solution to store brand elements, communicate their brand guidelines and values, and generate on-brand artwork.

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