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Comprehensive Ticketing System

Service Desk Pro is a fully integrated service desk solution for both SharePoint Online (Office 365 cloud) and SharePoint on-premise, designed to help businesses automate support tickets processing. Service Desk Pro is highly configurable with customizable UI, workflows, auto-assignment, custom fields, forms, views, dashboard, and reports. A self-service knowledge base allows for the reduction of service desk calls and for the improvement of general performance. Service Desk Pro integrates with SharePoint (all data is stored in the customer's SharePoint environment) and extends the built-in capabilities of Office 365 Cloud that allow for the improvement in ROI (return on investment) for Office 365 Cloud.

Key features:

• Custom ticket templates - allows you to create different ticket forms (e.g.IT Network Request, HR Request, Finance Request, etc.) with specific custom fields and workflow.

• Workflow templates with workflow editor - allows designing no-code workflows by using an intuitive interface (e.g. pre-approval workflow, task workflow etc) and control permissions for each workflow state.

• Customizable ticket fields - administrators can quickly build ticket forms with numerous field types such as Text, Choice, Number etc.

• Knowledge base - a centralized self-service library of information that helps employees find the information they need quickly and efficiently, without referring to the support team..

• Service Level Agreement (SLA) management - allows the user to set up a custom SLA level based on ticket priority and to automatically populate the ticket Due Date based on SLA policy and help desk operating hours.

• Measuring and reporting KPIs for ticket processing time - Service Desk Pro tracks different metrics such as average first response time, first response SLA %, average resolution time, resolution time SLA %.

• Automatic ticket assignment - you can configure automated assignment of tickets to staff members for every workflow state or use rule-based automatic assignment for the newly submitted tickets.

• Analytics and reporting - Service Desk Pro provides a dashboard and different ticket reports which can be used for operational, management, or analytical purposes.

• Role-based access control - allows you to set up the level of access that users have to the Service Desk Pro - regular user (default role, no action required), contributor, technician, and admin.

• Custom views - allows for the creation of custom views (public or private), by specifying the data table columns and criteria to filter. That helping you to view tickets based on custom requirements.

• Email notifications via Power Automate - configured email notifications for ticket changes (creation,status change, assigment changes etc)

• Creating a ticket from e-mail via Power Automate - allows connecting to an external mailbox (by using Power Automate flow) and creating tickets for selected emails (in a semi-automatic way - requires to select ticket template/status and confirm the creation).

• Integrated SharePoint list - third-party integrations via MS Power Automate When you enable integrated list, tickets are automatically exported to the native SharePoint list on the parent SharePoint Site. Sharepoint list can be integrated with numerous other systems via Power Automate(MS Teams, Slack etc), used as a data source for Power BI (reporting services) or displayed on different site via Web Part.

• Custom branding - uou can custom brand your logo and colors

• Translation-ready for other languages - allows language translation for regular user and manager views (except "Administration")

Important Notices:

• The user who enters the add-in for the first time after installation automatically become an administrator with the ability to assign admin roles to others

• Supported browsers: the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Service Desk Pro is available as a free, fully-featured 30-day trial version.

The trial can be turned into a full version by purchasing an annual subscription or one-time fee (perpetual) license.

For more information, please visit our product site:

and watch a video guide:

Version released:

-Added new configuration option "Who Can Create Ticket On Behalf Of Others" under Administration->Configuration->System Settings

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