ThoughtWire Early Warning

avtor: ThoughtWire Corp.

Detect patient deterioration, action on health notifications, and improve patient safety.

The ThoughtWire app supports EarlyWarning- an advanced detection and intervention tool that is proven to reduce code blue events by 61%. The Early Warning Solution is designed to detect patient deterioration based on patient vitals, notify clinicians of adverse health events, and allow them to take action. Response team staff have access to patient context and are aware of the status and availability of the responding team, allowing for streamlined response and patient care workflows.

When the TW Notification Manager app is embedded into the Microsoft Teams environment, it enables bi-directional event-based actions including but not limited to: acknowledging, declining and closing notifications. Complex algorithms and staff response are incorporated directly into the workflow, as is the ability to have additional information captured by the patient bedside on a mobile device be shared directly into the patient chart. This direct level of interoperability saves the clinician valuable time by removing the need for double documentation or manually inputting the data at the workstate (i.e. spend time going to the workstation, logging into the system, and navigating to the appropriate documentation chart and forms).

Features of ThoughtWire and the EarlyWarning Solution include:

  • Streamlined sign-in flow that instantaneously connects users to ThoughtWire once they sign into Teams
  • Access crucial patient information in order to administer the highest quality of care
  • Enable users to receive alerts for adverse health events and respond in real-time
  • Dynamic adding of critical response team members and the most relevant clinicians to an event channel based on role
  • TW notification manager will automatically populate the event channel with a card that contains details around the notification- this includes contextual patient details from the patient records and additional information surrounding the event

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