avtor: Edusign

Edusign, easy signature of attendance sheets for online training. Track participation and presence.

Sign attendance sheets in seconds, focus on what matters.

Thanks to Edusign's signing tool, you can run efficient meetings without having to spend time calling every participant to check the attendance during workshops or training sessions.

In the room or remotely, verify the participation in a few clicks. Instructors can focus on what matters and remove administrative tasks. With Edusign's playful feel, participants are going to love signing again!

With this add-in, meetings are automatically created from your Edusign's information. Save time and resources, start the training sessions and workshop, online or in-class, on time with all participants linked to the meeting. Instructors can push a button to check the attendance. A pop-up is displayed to participants that can sign using Edusign's signature tool. Instructors can track the signatures and participation in Microsoft Teams.

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Edusign is a leader in attendance tracking in training sessions and workshops. Built around a simple interface, Edusign makes the lives of participants, instructors, and administrators easier. Signatures are secured and automatically sent to Edusign services to create customized attendance sheets and official documents. Training organizations and companies can get their financing faster for their training sessions. Remotely or in-class, Edusign offers multiples signatures possibilities, all synchronized, to make signing easy.

Boost participation with a playful tool that allows participants to stay active. Moreover, add a survey to your training sessions to increase participation and generate official documents from the information received. Meetings are created from Edusign and automatically created on Microsoft Teams to avoid confusion before even starting the meeting.

NOTE : To make the participants sign you need an active Edusign account.

For all participants and signatories, Edusign doesn't require an account. However, participants must be added to Edusign's courses before the start of the meeting.

Who is Edusign for ?

Edusign is for companies, training organizations, or associations that have training. Stop wasting time with paper, centralize documents and never lose an important document again. Edusign's application in Microsoft Teams saves even more time with an effortless process. All the data is synchronized with Edusign in real-time.

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