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Find and share the most recent news, knowledge and events around Microsoft 365.

Hubsite 365 integrates seamlessly into the modern workplace, focusing on collaboration in Microsoft Teams.

Here you get the most recent news around Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and other IT related news, as well as high quality knowledge articles. Share these articles on your teams channels to show them to more employees and get feedback on them. In a later version, further integrations are planned such as finding technical support through a bot or the automatic publication of messages in a channel.

If you are looking for the next event where you can learn new stuff around Microsoft 365 or search for a possibility to meet the community, Hubsite 365 gives you the ability to schedule them directly in Teams and add them to your calendar. If the meeting is of interest to the whole team, a modern channel Teams meeting can be created and all employees can participate.

The functions of Hubsite 365 include:

– Cooperation on high quality news around Microsoft 365, Azure and other IT related news. In a newer version automatic publishing of messages in a Teams channel possible

– Book events directly in the Teams calendar for yourself or the whole team. Upcoming and previous events related to Microsoft 365 and Azure

– Knowledge-Articles helping you solve your problems when working with Microsoft 365 and Azure. In a newer version receive direct support via a Teams chat bot possible

– Filter and search by Microsoft 365 and Azure products and topics

If you read an article and want to read it again later, you can save it to your personal favorites list.

These great functions help you increase your productivity by providing the information you need at the right time and the right place. By integrating sharing capabilities right at the place where you work, Hubsite 365 can improve your collaboration with your colleagues.

You do not need to log in for the basic functionality of Hubsite 365, however, if you decide to unlock the full potential it is as easy as just confirming to log in with your Microsoft 365 account which you already use in Teams.

Hubsite 365 connects and informs you right where you collaborate and work: Within Teams.

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us at:


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