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AI sales assistant to update info across your sales tools and learn from the knowledge of your team.

What if you never had to leave Microsoft Teams when you wanted to update a deal, find contact information, get an answer to a question, find an important document, or complete other activities to close deals? With Responsum, you don't have to.

Use natural language to chat with Responsum's AI Sales Assistant to quickly access important customer data from your sales tools including CRM and enablement resources. Your new AI gets smarter the more you use it. Responsum learns the sales process and guides you to optimize your workflow and stay focused on revenue-generating activities. Responsum also remembers commonly asked questions and helps you find the best document no matter what you're looking for. Spend more time closing deals and less time on data entry, searching for answers, and remembering what to do next to win your next big deal.

With Responsum, you can...

- Create, find, and update your data in Salesforce

- Find answers to common sales questions unique to your team to help you close deals

- Quickly access important documents like pitch decks and case studies

For Account Executives: Save time keeping your deals up to date, get repetitive sales tasks done faster, find the information you need to close deals quickly, and stay focused on what's important.

For Sales Leaders: Increase consistency in your sales process, improve data entry and accuracy, stop wasting time asking for updates, save collective team knowledge, and automate your team check-ins and follow ups.

For Sales Operations: Automate replies to commonly asked questions, increase data accuracy in your pipeline and forecast, streamline team processes, and offload common requests for data and documents.

To get started with Responsum, you'll need to request an account. Head over to []( to supercharge your team's sales productivity today.

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