Room Booking Management

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The Room Booking Management allows users to book available rooms as per the user required time.

The Room Booking Management will allow users to book a room for Meeting, book a room for Conference as per the user required schedule time

Admin user(s) can add new rooms, edit the existing room information or delete the existing rooms. The app is capable of sending emails on every action related to bookings such as new bookings, booking reschedules, or booking cancellations. Users can

see all the bookings made by the all the users on the View Booking page, on calendar View as well as on Card View. The app also supports responsiveness, it will work on any device (Including iPad and iPhone).

To add this app to your site or subsite, Go to Site Content --> Click on New --> Select App. Find for the 'Room Booking Management' --> Click on Add It.

Whenever this app will be deployed on the site, It will automatically create a required Lists. Whenever you first launch the app, this app will create a custom permission level on the site, create required group.

This will also creates a page and configured this webpart on the page, page name will be rb_RoomBooking.aspx.

If you have any issue in adding the solution then please contact us at

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