Encyro Addin for Microsoft 365 Email

avtor: Encyro Inc

Easier than encrypted email. Receive or send sensitive data securely. Free e-sign requests included.

Easier than encrypted email: Implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) while making it easy and secure for clients to send or receive sensitive data.

Read Incoming Encyro Uploads and Messages

With the Encyro Addin for Microsoft 365 Email, you can read and respond to Encyro uploads and secure messages without leaving Outlook (on PC, Mac, web, iOS, Android).

Decrypt incoming Encyro messages within Outlook and download attached files.

You also get the option to reply, reply-all, or forward securely.

Electronic Signatures

The Encyro add-in lets you send a new electronic signature request from within Outlook.

  • Templates: Use your previously saved electronic signature templates or create new requests. Encyro E-sign allows you to use a new file with a saved template (such as

    when a new file is generated by your practice management software for each client, but the signature boxes appear in the same place).

  • Access Control: Control authentication options, and may use SMS (text-message) based access codes

    for extra security.

  • Automated Reminders: Set automated reminders, request expiry duration, and introductory text for your recipients.

  • Hand Drawn Signatures: You decide whether to allow typed, mouse-drawn, or hand-drawn signatures.

    Encyro E-Sign lets your clients finger-draw their signature without a touchscreen on their computer. They simply scan a QR code with

    their phone and draw on the phone. The signature automatically appears in the document being signed on their computer.

  • Your branding: Encyro E-Sign shows your custom branding (including your business logo and color) in both the email notifications and reminders

    to clients as well as on the signature page.

Send Secure Messages and Files

The Encyro add-in lets you send an Encyro-secured message with large files up to 2GB in size, directly from Outlook.

  • FREE: The Encyro Addin for Microsoft 365 Email may be used with a free Encyro account. If you do not have an Encyro account, a free account will be created for

    you the first time you login from the add-in.

  • Add both sensitive and non-sensitive content within the same email. Your email signature and any disclaimers are included.

  • Send secure messages and files to any email address.


  1. Security: Get 16 layers of security. No need to create client portal accounts or shared folders.

  2. Trust: Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) compatible e-signed files with legally binding audit trails.

  3. Multi-location Backup: Multi-location backup for your Encyro data at 2 or more US data centers hundreds of miles apart.

  4. Branding: Showcase your branding on the Encyro upload page and in email notifications.

  5. Avoid Printing and Mailing: Stop wasting valuable time taking printouts, preparing envelopes, and serving client requests for copies. Save filing cabinet space in your office.

  6. Save Time: Re-usable templates for secure messages and e-sign requests.

  7. Compliance: Account audit trails and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, IRS and other standards

  8. Grow Your Team: Get an organizational account with sub-user management and central data control.

Learn More

Video demos for sending and receiving sensitive documents

Video demos for electronic signatures

Installation Instructions:

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