Rysun Celebrations

avtor: Rysun Labs (formerly Krish Compusoft Services)

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A webpart which highlights the Employees, Birthday, Marriage Anniversary and Work Anniversary.


Let there be Celebrations!

Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization. Don’t miss the chance to make them feel valued on their special days. Birthdays and work anniversaries are occasions to appreciate individuals, to acknowledge the difference they make to the team and to simply celebrate these personal milestones together.

In growing teams, it can be a major challenge to discover and keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and work anniversaries of all team members. We have all been there – to realize it’s a teammate’s birthday or work anniversary too late to whip up a cake or plan a small celebration.

Rysun presents Celebrations – a SharePoint Webpart to help you keep track of these noteworthy days throughout the year, so you can get ready to surprise, rather than be surprised. The HR team can simply configure and update the respective event list with employee name, department and date, and the Celebrations Webpart will display the event on your employee portal.

Using this ready to deploy SPFx Webpart is a piece of cake. Just find the right Webpart in your SharePoint app library, add it to your portal, and never miss a birthday or work anniversary again.

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