ZeroTime for Office 365

avtor: Replicon Inc

Replicon's ZeroTime™ platform for Office 365

Integrate your Office 365 Apps seamlessly with Replicon's ZeroTime™ platform to streamline your daily activities. This application uses Replicon's ZeroTime capabilities to automatically capture your time spent on MS Word,Powerpoint and Excel and combines this with other valuable information such as File name, tags etc to create an accurate and enriched timeline of your day. Leveraging our machine learning and AI capabilities, the ZeroTime platform recommends timesheet labels such as a "Project" or "Task" for your activity like Magic!. This can be used for automatically populating your timesheets, with minimal to no supervision. We use global standards of encryption and storage practices to keep all your data safe and secure. At Replicon, we believe that privacy is a fundamental right and we build all our applications with user privacy and data protection at the core and thus, we never read the content of the files and You are always in full control of your data. Our goal is to build a prepopulated timesheet of your day so that you can focus on things that matter and allow Replicon to take care of your timesheets!


- Automatically know how much time you spent on a Document, Presentation or Workbook, while reading, creating or editing.

- Capture your engagement details such as Time Spent, File name, etc directly from the office app to your timesheets automatically.

- ML and AI capabilities to help build your timeline effortlessly.

- Seamless integration into Replicon's timesheet and view your pre-populated timesheet.

Did you know? This Application is free with your Replicon product license. For further details, please contact Replicon Support.

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