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Frontline Management App, Learning Management, Checklist, Checkin Checkout

Digitize your frontline workers!

The “CloudCan Frontline” application we developed for Microsoft Teams Platform is designed to digitize frontline workers and blue collars in production. With this digital platform, which acts as a bridge between the field and headquarters of companies, you can increase the efficiency of your business with technology!

The product is an all-in-one solution and there are 4 different modules in the same application.

Why Frontline?


Here, we can upload videos of users such as training, orientation and occupational safety, see how much they have been followed on the admin screen and whether they have completed them until the end, we can make quizzes and report them. Quiz can come from a pool randomly.

Creating a New Course


Content Monitoring


You can check list at the store and factory and view their reports.

Creating a Daily Checklist

Users can solve checklist every day

Daily Checklist Report

Check In & Check Out

Store entry-exit timetable reports and check-in and check-out.

Create a new workspace

Workspace QR scanner

Daily login report

User Management

It is for managing entry and exit tracking, access management to the company. Frontline workers change. It was made to speed it up.

Create a new workspace

Workspace QR scanner

Daily login report

Import bulk users from excel

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