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Bring Domo's modern BI capabilities into Outlook.

Domo for Microsoft Outlook by Domo, Inc. provides a direct connection to Domo’s modern BI capabilities from your everyday workspace without compromising the familiar interfaces of both Outlook and Domo. This direct connection allows you to embed Domo cards and datasets directly into your Emails. Domo for Outlook allows you to not only add Domo content to Outlook, but even add data to Domo directly from email attachments or tables in your received email bodies.

Ease of use

You can easily access Domo and it's features from the top navigation in Outlook. The sidebar will give users access to their Domo dashboards, cards, datasets, buzz and more. Easily search through your Domo content, select the content you want to embed in your Office documents, and apply filters to display your desired visuals.

Enhance data usage

The data you collect provides incredible value and insight into your business and customers. Domo for Outlook allows you to organize data, create visuals in Domo, and transform, display, and share that data within you emails.

Increase efficiency

Avoid the needless effort of taking screenshots of visuals to include in your emails. Easily embed your Domo content directly from within Outlook! You can also easily create new projects or tasks in Domo directly from emails, automatically detecting details of the task based on the content of the email.

Keep your data together

Easily maintain all of your data in one place by importing attached datasets from your Outlook inbox to Domo, without navigating back to into Domo.

Available on Mac, PC, and Office 365. Utilize a single add-in to gain access to Domo from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

For details about the Word, PowerPoint and Excel add-in, search Domo for Office in the AppSource.

  • Embed Domo Cards and Datasets in your emails
  • Have Buzz conversations directly from your emails and Outlook
  • Create and update Domo projects & tasks
  • Add new data to Domo, or update existing Datasets

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