Docusign Template Assistant for Word

avtor: DocuSign, Inc.

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Build dynamic Word templates to use with Document Generation for Docusign.

Build dynamic document templates to use with Document Generation for Docusign.

Use the Template Assistant to:

• Create dynamic data fields & insert them in your document templates. These fields capture information that needs to be collected and merged into your documents prior to sending.

• Configure & apply conditional rules to show or hide document content based on your data fields, allowing a single template to be used in many ways.

• Preview your templates as generated documents using your own sample data. The preview feature helps identify errors and ensure that your document template is working properly before uploading it to a Docusign envelope template.


• This add-in does not support sending or signing eSignature envelopes in Word. Please use the Docusign for Word add-in for these features.

• This add-in does not create document generation templates for Docusign products other than eSignature, such as Gen for Salesforce or CLM.

• This tool requires a subscription to the Document Generation for eSignature product. Please reach out to a Docusign sales representative to learn more by emailing or calling 1.877.720.2040.

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