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ChatGPT in Excel: clean, classify, extract, translate, summarize and edit text with AI.

With ChatGPT in Excel, you get one ChatGPT per cell. An army of ChatGPTs, and applying a prompt to many data is as easy as dragging a formula.

GPT in Excel is an AI writer for Microsoft Excel. It enables you to use ChatGPT directly in Excel. It is built on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT API. You can use it for all sorts of tasks on text: writing, classifying, editing, extracting, cleaning, translating, summarizing, outlining, explaining, etc

If ChatGPT was GPT for Chat, you can think of GPT in Excel as ExcelGPT.

The only model available for now is ChatGPT gpt-3.5-turbo.

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Mentioned by Marc Andreessen:

This add-on brings ChatGPT's AI power to Excel by exposing many simple custom functions:

GPT to get the result of ChatGPT in a single cell

GPT_LIST to get multiple result in a column (one item per cell)

GPT_HLIST to get multiple result in a row (one item per cell)

This add-on will help you achieve some tasks such as:

- generating blogposts ideas

- writing whole paragraphs or procedures

- cleaning up lists of names, adresses, emails or companies, dates, currency amounts, phone numbers

- classifying lists of reviews with sentiment analysis or feature categorization

- summarizing reviews

- writing responses to online comments

- trying different versions of a prompt quickly

- working on ad copy (PPC)

- working on SEO metadata (titles, descriptions)

- working on landing page copy

- managing and cleaning product catalogs for e-commerce stores

- translations

You will be given 300 free credits on first installation to try it out. Once you've used all your free credits, you will need to buy more credits to continue using the add-in.

There is no need to enter an API key.

This is not covered by ChatGPT Plus/Pro subscriptions.

All the details are on our website:

Talarian is not affiliated with OpenAI

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