Datylon for Powerpoint (pre-release)

avtor: Datylon BV

Create the most compelling charts from scratch, or by using pixel perfect custom designed templates

Datylon for Powerpoint is a powerful add-in that allows you to create with ease reusable charts and reports from scratch or by using on-brand designed templates provided by your designer.

For business professionals who want to maximize the impact of their presentations, this add-in can transform your numbers into visually stunning, compelling, and engaging data visualizations. Because the power of good dataviz design lies in its ability to capture attention, evoke emotion, and inspire action.

Produce new slide decks based on your on-brand templates in a snap. Update the data of multiple charts, even spread over multiple slides, with just one click. Boost productivity and reduce costs without having to re-create your graphs, just load new data.

Find more info in the Datylon Help Center:

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