FUGO - Share To Screens

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Share content to your Fugo-connected screens from within Microsoft Teams

The Fugo - Share To Screens bot serves as your personal assistant for bridging your Microsoft Teams account with your Fugo-connected digital signage screens. Use it to easily & quickly share posts to your screens from within Microsoft Teams.

Key Features:

  • Create posts with text only:
  • Create posts with media only:
  • Create posts with text & media:
  • Add audio to your posts:
  • Do a screen take over or add it your Fugo content rotation


Click “Get it now” if you're a Microsoft 365 tenant admin, you can install it on behalf of all your users.


Please be aware that you will need an active Fugo account with a connected screen in order to use this app. Learn how to get started with Fugo here


Please be aware that posts may take up to 1-2 minutes to appear on screen.

More Information

Find more guidance for using the app checkout our guide or contact the Fugo team at

What’s Fugo?

Fugo is a powerful platform designed to weave screens into the fabric of your workplace communication strategy. Easily oversee and showcase content across digital signage, contributing to an overall more informed & engaged workforce. Whether it's displaying secure data feeds or animating dynamic digital dashboards, Fugo empowers organizations to communicate with impact, leaving a more enduring impression than conventional emails and DMs.

Learn more about Fugo at or start a free trial now & dive in

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