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FrontStage TC is an agent/supervisor client app to connect to FrontStage Omni-channel Contact Centre

FrontStage Teams Client is an agent and supervisor application that allows users of Microsoft Teams to connect natively to FrontStage Omni-channel Contact Centre. The initial setup provides access to voice channels, the key part of any omni-channel customer care strategy. Additional channels such as e-mails, web chat and social messaging platforms, as well as user-specific functionalities, can be easily added and/or customised based on individual client requirements.

FrontStage Teams Client connects to the FrontStage core platform and uses the complete Private Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities provided by Microsoft Teams, connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using one of the Microsoft approved methods (Calling Plan; Operator Connect; Direct Connect).

As well as the standard communications channels mentioned above, FrontStage itself offers a broad and innovative range of omni-channel contact centre functionalities. These include a unified omni-channel routing and intelligent queuing algorithm, predictive diallers, built-in contact and case management, quality management, co-browsing, native call and screen recording, a knowledge base and an API for integration with third-party applications. The complete FrontStage core platform can be deployed as an on-premise system or as a cloud service within Microsoft Azure.

In order to use FrontStage Teams Client, you need to have an active FrontStage account.

Click here for more information. For commercial requests and technical support, please access our support form.

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