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Plus AI: ChatGPT for PowerPoint. Create and edit presentations in minutes. Try for free today!

Plus AI for PowerPoint is the best AI presentation maker to create and edit presentations, directly in PowerPoint.

With Plus AI, you can use the same AI technology that powers tools like Copilot Pro, ChatGPT, and Gemini to make beautiful presentations for work and school.

Stop wasting time formatting slides and making new slides from scratch, and let our AI tools do the boring work for you!

👉 Plus AI key benefits

1. Create new presentations in minutes. Instead of staring at a blank slide deck, upload a document or write a prompt in Plus AI, and you will get a professional PowerPoint presentation in a couple of minutes.

2. Work directly in PowerPoint. Plus AI integrates with PowerPoint, so it works with your existing presentations, and it creates native PowerPoint presentations. That way, you don’t need to learn a new tool or worry about compatibility issues.

3. Best AI for presentations. Our customers say Plus AI creates the highest quality AI presentations because of our advanced AI design system for presentations.

4. Enterprise-grade AI and security. Plus AI is SOC2 Type II certified and uses the latest application security standards to ensure your data is safe and secure.

👉 Plus AI features

- Generate a presentation from a prompt. Write a short or long prompt, and Plus AI will automatically create a presentation.

- Convert document to PowerPoint. Upload a PDF, word doc, text file, or any other type of document, and Plus AI will intelligently transform it into a PowerPoint file.

- Convert text to PowerPoint. Copy and paste your text into Plus AI to automatically generate a PowerPoint file.

- Hundreds of slide templates and layouts. Explore our library of professionally-designed presentation templates and find the best one for your needs.

- Custom presentation templates. Reach out to for more information about uploading custom templates.

- Create a single slide with AI. Use Plus AI to create a single PowerPoint slide using AI.

- Rewrite slides with AI. Plus AI can reword, deword, and rewrite your existing presentation slides.

- Format slides with AI. Stop wasting time aligning boxes and shapes. Use Plus AI to automatically format and transform your slides into predefined designs.

- AI Copilot for presentations. Our PowerPoint AI provides tips and tricks on how to improve your presentation on each slide.

- Translate your slides or generate slides in any language. Use the Plus AI Rewrite tool to translate slides into any language for your next presentation.

👉 How to get started with Plus AI for free

- Plus AI offers a free 7 day trial to get started.

- Install Plus AI from Microsoft AppSource by clicking “Get it now.”

- Open any PowerPoint presentation.

- Click Add-ins -> Plus AI for PowerPoint -> New presentation with Plus AI.

- Enter a prompt or upload a file to create a new presentation.

👉 Popular use cases and personas

- Sales presentations - Need to create customized presentations for customers and prospects? Use AI to automatically generate slide decks for each of your meetings.

- Pitch decks - Presenting your business to investors and partners? Use Plus AI to generate the first draft of your deck and refine your storyline.

- Lesson plans - Create online courses, training materials, and other educational content. Save time and focus on teaching, not slides.

- Business assistant - Treat Plus AI as your personal business analyst who can do research, transform content from blog posts into slides, and create presentations.

- Marketing collateral - Ask AI to create ad copy, write blog posts, and come up with marketing strategies for you.

👉 Presentation templates, right in PowerPoint

- Use Plus AI to create on-brand presentations for your organization.

- There’s no need to use separate template galleries like SlidesGo and SlidesCarnival or learn new apps like Canva,, Tome, Gemini, or Copilot.

- Plus offers an extensive set of slide layouts compared to other add-ons like ChatGPT for PowerPoint, SlidesAI, MagicSlides, and GPT Workspace.

- After creating new presentations, share your prompts, custom instructions, and writing styles with your team.

👉 How Plus AI works

- Open the Plus AI add-in and write a short description of the presentation you want.

- You can instruct Plus AI just like ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini, Claude, or your favorite chatbot

- Plus AI generates a presentation outline. Review and adjust the outline as needed.

- Plus AI writes your slides. Review, make final edits, and you’re ready to present!

👉 Frequently-asked questions

- Can I use my custom presentation template with Plus AI? Yes, Plus AI supports custom presentation templates for our enterprise customers. Reach out to us for more details.

- How does Plus AI compare to Copilot for PowerPoint? We always encourage customers to try both products to compare the quality of the outputs. Our customers tell us that Plus AI has a better interface and creates higher quality presentations that are work-ready, while Copilot feels more like a simple demo product.

- How does Plus AI protect my data? Plus AI is SOC 2 Type II compliant and follows the strictest application security standards to safeguard your data.

- Can I try PlusAI for free? Yes, Plus AI offers a free 7 day trial so you can try it out for free.

👉 About Plus

At Plus, we are building AI productivity tools to help people make their day-to-day work easier. We focus on the parts of work where AI can do the best job: brainstorming, creating outlines, first drafts, and editing and revising.

👉 Learn more

You can find more information about Plus at

Use Google Slides instead of PowerPoint? Try our Google Slides add-on:

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