Create Rendition – Convert to PDF

avtor: Accusoft Corporation

Rendition functionality that lets you convert and merge multiple file types into PDF format.

Quickly convert a variety of document and image file types including Office, PDF, TIFF, CAD, and more into one PDF to make document creation easier than ever. The merged PDF will contain your selected documents and pages in the appropriate order, along with your metadata.

PrizmDoc Create Rendition requires that PrizmDoc for Office 365 has been installed and configured. Please refer to for details.

Accusoft Cloud Services (ACS) implements document conversion and processing for PrizmDoc for Office 365 and PrizmDoc Create Rendition. An ACS API key is required to work properly. Free and paid ACS subscriptions are available, which support varying levels of usage. For pricing information, please refer to:

PrizmDoc Create Rendition, working in conjunction with PrizmDoc for Office 365, is the perfect complement to your SharePoint application.

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