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Report, Manage, Investigate & Resolve Safety, Compliance, Quality and HR Incidents

Thank you for considering the ConvergePoint Incident Management Software on Office 365. *****Please note he Add-In does require the purchase of a license and will require a valid license key at activation. You will need to talk to our sales team for license options. We do not offer a trial license. *****

Please feel free to reach out to an Incident Management Specialist and request a custom demo of the Add-In by visiting our website or sending an email to***

Manage safety incidents, accidents, near miss, hr, fraud, corruption, harassment, discrimination and any other incident quickly and efficiently on Office 365. Manage the entire incident management lifecycle from how incidents are reported with custom forms, workflow rules to assign the incident to the appropriate incident case manager, easily manage investigations and resulting documentation, root cause, corrective action, assignment of actions and closing of the case.

Features include:

1. Incident Reporting & Tracking with customizable incident forms

2. Rules-based Incident Management Workflows

3. Incident Investigations

4 Incident Root Cause and Corrective Actions

5. Corrective Action Validation

5. Corrective Action Assignment

6. Search & Reporting

7. Real-Time Incident Dashboard

Please feel free to reach out to a Safety Management Specialist if you have additional questions about the capabilities of the software. Please feel free to request a demo of the Add-In by visiting our website or sending an email to We will be happy to assist you through the process.

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