Easy dataload for ServiceNow


Simplify ServiceNow data entry using easy to use Excel add-in that supports custom reports

Customizing data entry reports for business users has never been so easy. With this Excel add-in the ServiceNow admin can provide organization custom reports for data entry and retrieval. The add-in supports both ServiceNow native login and SSO authentication (Oauth). This allows the users to use their own account to update records instead of shared accounts. Data permissions are also limited to the users own permissions, so no need to do any permission changes. Current features include:

  • Custom reports that can be published to users
  • End users configure add-in with admin provided key and their ServiceNow credentials
  • Data can be retrieved to Excel, modified and then updated back to ServiceNow
  • Users can also update reference field values
  • Admin can create reports for users using a simple report wizard and use ServiceNow queries to filter the results. The query can be directly copied from ServiceNow UI view

To use this add-in you need an access to a ServiceNow instance ( Easy Dataload admin users also need to have Easy Dataload account which can be easily created after Easy Dataload add-in is installed. Admin functionalities can't be used in Excel Online.

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