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Manage your references with ease where you write and cite

Citasion ( is a free reference manager that supports one-click reference importation, automatic bibliography generation, and collaborative reference management.

Citation supports one-click reference importation from major research aggregators, such as Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE, and PubMed. Once papers are imported into a Citasion project, you can use Citasion to cite and generate bibliographies in Google Docs, Overleaf and Word Online. Citasion supports different languages and over 1,000 reference styles. You can share a Citasion project with unlimited number of collaborators, manage your references, write and cite collaboratively in the same document.

Premium Features

CItasion offers a set of paid premium features, including:

- Advanced CItasion project management

- Unlimited PDF paper storage

- Literature analytics

- Literature recommendations

- Venue analytics

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