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Display various phases of a process and related data in a horizontal view.

TheraTraQ Pipeline Diamond is a type of visulaization which is used to render various phases of a process and related data in a horizontal view. The horizontal view is rendered with all phases as a header in a diamond like icon. Under each phase, all related item's title and name are rendered. The visualization also has the ability to categories data using random color based on an attribute named Category. For each category the report assigns a random color and Title and Name are colored based on the category color. TheraTraQ Pipeline Diamond Visual is useful in many applications, including sales pipeline analysis, order fulfillment, or any business process analysis that involves multiple stages. The customization options are Title, Layout, Image URL, Categories and Phases. Title: The value given in this option will be rendered as a title to the chart. Layout: TheraTraQ Timeline Circle has a capablity of adding an optional image to the top or bottom of the visualization. It takes two values header or footer. If the value is header the image will be added at the top of the chart and for footer it will ba added at the bottom of the chart. If no value is provided, the chart will take the entire space for rendering. Image URL: This option specifies the URL of the image given in the Layout option. This image URL needs to be accessible by the users. Categories: This option is used to specify the categories that are not available in the data but a valid category. Phases: This option is used to specify all phases that are part of the report. Limitation: The visulaization will show a maximum of 250 items in the UI. For Support:

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