Global Launch Estimates

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Visualize your locations in the Map view highlighted based on the associated year.

Global Launch Estimates is a type of chart which is used to render the locations of various companies grouped by the associated year. Locations are nothing but countries of different regions such as AfME, Asia, Europe, Lat-Am and NA. It supports two types of views, one is World map view and another one is Regional Map view. As the name suggests world map will render world map with highlighting all the countries from data based on the Year field. The Regional map view renders only the countries of particular region with zoom-in version of that region. It also renders highlight notes which is a description / writeup about the region optionally. Each country or location has a hyperlink which will point to any document related to that location. Both the views supports filtering by regions. Each location is highlighted by a color which is based on the Launch year of that location. Both the views supports legend by Year and Color. The customization options are Title, View Regional Map, View Highlights, and Default Region. Title: The value given in this option will be rendered as a title to the chart. For Regional Map the selected region will be rendered with the title automatically. View Regional Map: If we enable this option, it will render the Regional map with the default region focused in. View Highlights: This option is used to show or hide the highlights of a particular region. Default Region: This option sets the default region to be rendered when we enable Regional map. Limitation: The chart will show a maximum of 1000 records in the UI. Restriction: The chart will show 1 year prior, current and 8 years in the future by default.

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