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xViz Scatter/Bubble chart provides 9 quick-start templates, including Scatter, Bubble and IBCS style

Scatter chart displays the relationship between two numerical values (X and Y coordinate) and ideal for correlation analysis and outlier detection. The bubble chart further enhances the Scatterplot's information density by adding a size variable as a third dimension. You can also pack more information by using color as the fourth variable, either value or category with the help of conditional formatting.

The category field well is used for labeling the bubbles and with additional category fields you can enabled the drilldown mode. The legend field further splits the bubbles into different groups which can be assigned specific colors and shapes for visual identification under the Appearance Tab.

Some of the key customer-requested features addressed are given below.

Key Features :

  • Ten quick start Templates with the ability to 'Build your own'

  • Support for IBCS Scatter and Bubble chart variation

  • Dedicated templates for strategic Scatter/Bubble use case

  • Bubble customization (Appearance Tab) – Shape, pattern, and custom images

  • Ranking – Display ‘Top N’ bubble and group the remaining as 'Others'

  • Analytics section - Reference line and bands, custom lines, and Trend lines

  • Axis Ranges for grouping axis into different bands

  • Conditional Formatting for outlier detection

  • Annotations for enhanced storytelling

  • Data Label Formatting – choose between different label display options

  • Additional category fields for Play Axis and Legend

  • Drilldown support

  • Legend support

  • Number formatting for chart values

  • Summary table - tabular view of data

Scatterplot/Bubble Custom Visual works in Report Server and Mobile Apps.

xViz Scatter/ Bubble Power BI Visual is free to use with all the PRO features unlocked in Microsoft Power BI Desktop. However, an additional purchase is required to use the PRO features with Power BI Service, Premium, or Embedded Scenarios.

Learn more about our pricing plans for this visual and our xViz Suite at

For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at

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