Optimus Hive Process & Task Miner Analyzer

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Quickly & easily generate Process or Task Mining flows accurately using your business data

OPTIMUS HIVE – Process and Task Mining

What does the visual do?

This visual will convert activity or process records into a graphical process flow showing the different paths your business resources are taking to complete a process thus automating Business Process Discovery. Each path is identified as a variant, and the visual displays key statistics for each activity in the variant.

Variant 1 is always the most used path with the highest number of iterations. The higher the variant number, the fewer the iterations. If two variants have the same number of iterations, then the variant with the least number of activities has the lower variant number.

Activity Steps (edges) are displayed as boxes representing an activity performed.

Activity Paths (nodes) are displayed as lines showing the sequence of activities and providing details of the gap between activities.

Activity Steps can be dragged, along with their Paths, to change the layout.

By sliding the Variant bar at the top of the area, you can expand the graphic to show more Variants.

How is the visual used?

The visual enables the user to identify the time taken quickly, the number of iterations, and other statistics for each process variant and activity, providing the user with the opportunity to identify ways to improve the process, such as

  • Identifying tasks that are candidates for automation, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Identifying teams or personnel who are performing the process incorrectly or those that are most efficient.
  • Compare changes in process performance over time or the impact of a change in the process.
  • Identify choke points in the process that introduce delays.

The graphic format can be customized to match the rest of your BI environment.

Data Requirements

The visual requires a minimum data set of:

  • Case Identifier: A unique identifier for each individual business transaction such as a PO#, Ticket# etc.
  • Activity: Activity / Task description.
  • Start-Timestamp: The start of the activity. Used to order events.
  • End-Timestamp: The end of the activity. Used for duration calculations. (optional)
  • Cost: The cost associated with performing the activity (optional)

Common filters used along with this visual include:

  • Process
  • Organization / Team
  • Period / Time

OPTIMUS HIVE – Process and Task Mining can be added to Optimus Hive Visual

To enable all capabilities, visit for very reasonable licensing costs.

Learn more about OPTIMUS HIVE solutions:

  • Task Mining - Collect task data directly from business devices while maintaining privacy and confidentiality practices. A complete solution from data collection through to analysis dashboards.
  • Employee Monitoring - Manage resource utilization wherever your employees are working. Monitor active hours, websites visited, downloads, email traffic & other factors to gain visibility into your workforce’s activities.
  • Automation Discovery - Identity ROI-driven opportunities to automate repetitive tasks that will shorten your process durations, increase quality, and improve personnel utilization.
  • Change Management - Increase the probability of a successful transformation by consulting with a team with 30+ years of change management experience.


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