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Easily create industry standard SPC Run and Control charts-all in one place. Click. Create. Analyse

BCN Group presents EasySPC, a PBI certified customer visual that enables you to create SPC Charts using your own data. Delivers all the industry standard SPC run and control charts in Power BI. Solves key challenges for delivering SPC with support for: fixing baseline; recalculating limits; annotations when recalculating limits; automatic updates for operational reporting. Benefits 1. Institute for Healthcare Improvement SPC rules compliant 2. NHSI Making Data Count icons #PlotTheDots 3. Enables users to easily recalculate limits and add annotations 4. Enables control charts for all levels across an entire organisational structure 5. Automatically highlights the rules of non-random variation/special cause variation. 6. Enables business users to easily and quickly set/reset baselines 7. `Near real time’ data analysis to support forward planning 9. Reduces technical resource requirements by automating the SPC recalculation process 9. Quick to implement Power BI custom visuals approach 10. Chart Selection Wizard to help you decide which chart type is best to use Features 1. Interactive user-friendly chart wizard for setting/resetting baselines 2. Interactive user-friendly chart wizard for recalculating limits 3. Interactive user-friendly chart wizard for adding annotations 4. Create Run, C, U, U’, P, P’, T, G, XmR and XbarS prime charts, 5. Automatic highlight of non-random variation, special cause variation 6. Toggle sigma 1 and 2 on or off 7. Customise look and feel of charts (i.e. colouring data points) 8. Add an arrow for the desired direction of travel on the chart 9. Export chart data to create and manipulate in Excel 10. Developed using best practice custom visuals to ensure compatibility NOTE: EasySPC charts are available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with additional licence.

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