PowerDive for Automotive


PowerDive for Automotive is a BI app for executives responsible for cooperation with dealers.

Dealer Performance Analysis

Solution covers the Power BI application, Common Data Model and KPIs definition related to the components influencing the overall dealer performance. Reports consist of 5 main areas enabling to monitor dealers’ risk exposure, sales performance and customer satisfaction:

Financial Risk Rating - cash & current ration, equity to debt, overdue payables;

Lead & Opportunity Management - time to respond to a lead, valuation, test drive and lead conversion ratio;

Sales Effectiveness - new car, used car and accessories sales versus plan or budget;

Customer Service - mysterious client, questionnaire after visit, add on sale, repeat customers;

Compliance Performance - trainings, dealer station display, corporate identity test and display cars.

Client challenge

Client had difficulties in monitoring & managing its dealership network, facing the challenges in many areas:

Finance & liquidity - falling behind on the payments and breaching the terms of the lines of credit arranged with the distributor and maintaining low equity to debt ratio, increasing the risk of default;

Lead management - failing to respond to leads or responding late (after more than 24h) what may cause a client to lose interest or turn to competitive brands;

Sales effectiveness - missing planned sales quotas and low lead conversion ratio;

Customer service - dealership’s staff knowledge on the offered vehicles was not sufficient and they failed to present the full picture of the car advantages what lead to poor customer service;

Compliance - undermining the brand’s image through low-quality service and negative look-and-feel of dealership stations.

Benefits for the client:

• Ongoing control over the quality & performance of dealership chain;

• Ongoing control over the quality & performance of particular dealers, being categorized as to invest, maintain, review or support;

• Decrease of overdue receivables from dealers by 30%;

• Decrease of time taken to respond to a lead by 40%;

• Increase of lead conversion ratio by 7%;

• Increase of sales plan execution by 15%;

• Increase of Customer satisfaction results by 30%.dedicated for executives responsible for cooperation with dealers.

This application is available in English and Polish.

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