AInsight Analytics for Power BI

avtor: Metropolis Corp

Optimize efficiency and deliver the ROI of your Azure OpenAI & ChatGPT Investment

Optimize efficiency and deliver the ROI of your Azure OpenAI & ChatGPT Investment

AInsight Analytics integrates your Azure AI Assistant and chat data with Power BI, offering comprehensive visuals on sentiment analysis, engagement metrics, topics, and trends.

Designed for businesses aiming for data-driven decisions, it simplifies chat data analysis and enhances customer experience management.

Key Features:

  • Track your AI Conversations: Monitor and analyze all AI-driven conversations, from Azure chatbots to Microsoft Copilots and beyond in order to capture frequently asked questions and optimize your data feedback.
  • Customizable Prompt Engineering: Tune prompts and queries to align with your unique business objectives, ensuring insights are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Sentiment and Engagement Analysis: Gain valuable insights into sentiment trends, customer satisfaction levels, and engagement patterns, empowering you to enhance AI-human interactions.
  • Topic Modeling and Trend Detection: Uncover emerging topics, identify conversation pain points, and stay ahead of evolving needs through powerful trend analysis capabilities.
  • Feedback Loop Optimization: Seamlessly feed conversation data back into your AI models, facilitating continuous learning and improvement for enhanced performance over time.

Whether your organization leverages Azure OpenAI models, proprietary Azure chatbots, or any other machine learning instance, AInsight Analytics for Power BI empowers you to gain comprehensive insights. Eliminate data silos by consolidating prompts, conversations, and responses across teams, copilots, and deployments into a centralized hub for seamless analysis.

Be part of the Metropolis Unified Collaboration Analytics suite with AInsights Analytics and harness the full potential of your AI-driven conversations!

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