Expo XT Zoom Analytics for Power BI

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Improve your Zoom Phone and meeting experience with Expo XT Insights for Zoom

Unlock Powerful Zoom Insights with Expo XT for Power BI

Supercharge your Zoom experience with Expo XT, a robust analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with Power BI. Expo XT empowers you to easily harness the full potential of your Zoom data, delivering comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

Tailored for Zoom users seeking to amplify their decision-making and strategic planning, Expo XT requires only a Power BI Pro License and an Expo XT account for integration.

Expo XT Benefits:

Zoom Phone Analytics

  • Call Analytics: Gain granular insights into call patterns, volumes, and user behavior for inbound, outbound, completed, answered, and missed calls.
  • Call Queue Performance: Analyze call queue metrics, including service level agreements (SLAs), call volumes, and wait times.
  • Emergency Call Alerts: Monitor company and personal locations for emergency services, ensuring compliance and safety.

Zoom Meeting Analytics

  • Meeting and Webinar Quality: Assess audio, video, and screen sharing quality with Mean Opinion Score (MOS) metrics. Drill down into individual meetings or participants to pinpoint quality issues.
  • Meeting Quality Dashboard: Visualize performance with an intuitive dashboard and customizable metrics.
  • Usage Metrics: Analyze meeting data by criteria like duration, participants, top reported issues, client versions, and operating systems used.
  • Meeting Collaboration: Explore chat activity, file sharing, and collaboration patterns to enhance team productivity.

Complete UC Analytics in One Dashboard

  • Cross-Platform Consolidation: Get a holistic view of your communication landscape with consolidated data across desktop, mobile, and web platforms.
  • Zoom Team Chat Usage: Rank usage by country, identify top users, and categorize messaging content types.
  • Zoom Rooms Activity: Monitor daily room usage, pinpoint high-traffic rooms, and track technical issues and user feedback.


Expo XT seamlessly integrates your Zoom data for the entire Zoom Suite, as well as interopertates with any of your other communication platforms, including Cisco, Teams, Webex Calling, and more.

Getting Started

Expo XT is accessible to all Zoom users with a Power BI Pro License and an Expo XT account. Expo XT ensures read permissions for meetings, users, accounts, dashboards, groups, phones, roles, rooms, and team chat. Your data remains secure while enabling comprehensive analysis.

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