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The best AI video generation platform for your team

Transform your video production process with HeyGen, an AI-powered video creation platform, now available on Microsoft's marketplace.

HeyGen leverages the power of generative AI to revolutionize the way you create videos. With no need for a camera crew or complex video editing skills, HeyGen makes it easy to produce professional-quality videos in minutes.

Key Features:

AI Avatars: Choose from over 100 AI avatars or create your own for a personalized touch.
Multilingual Support: With over 300 voices available in 40+ languages, you can reach a global audience.
Text-to-Video: Turn your text into a professional video in minutes, right from your browser.
Audio Uploads: Record and upload your real voice to create a personalized avatar.
Multi-Scene Videos: Combine several scenes into one video, making end-to-end video creation as easy as designing PowerPoint slides.
High Definition Videos: All videos come in 1080P with unlimited downloads.
Video Sharing: Share your creations easily with colleagues or clients.
Creative Styles: Customize your videos with a wide variety of fonts, images, or shapes.
Background Music: Add the final touch to your videos by picking or uploading your favorite music.

HeyGen is perfect for creating engaging business videos for various use cases including marketing & sales, training & onboarding, social media, news, and explainer/how-to videos.

No credit card or sign up needed. Start creating professional videos with HeyGen today and engage your audience like never before.

Experience the future of video production with HeyGen on Microsoft's marketplace.

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