ABB Ability™ Asset Health for Electrical systems


Online Condition monitoring system for low and medium voltage breakers and switchgears

MyRemoteCare is ABB’s online condition monitoring system. By collecting diagnostic information across all Low and medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers, it replaces conventional scheduled maintenance with a reactive condition-based approach.


Keep production up and running - Mega-trends are challenging industries to get higher availability, sustainability and flexibility in the production and service delivery. Reduce OPEX - Facility and maintenance managers are required to optimize OPEX budget, therefore efficiently address the maintenance strategy – despite the older installed base, so with higher risks in terms of safety, scalability and safety. Risk of failure - A failure on an electrical system does not only generate a direct cost of loss production, but also an unsafe condition for operators and environment. Everybody nowadays is engaged to a more safe and sustainable world.

Features of solution

  • Condition monitoring: Digital monitoring of failure causes reduce manual inspection
  • Asset health analysis: Achieve savings and to have health condition of the equipment under control
  • Predictive analytics: Predict advance fault

  • Maintenance planning: OPEX saving by optimizing

Main benefits

Real-time data
  • Monitoring of real-time situation of assets and analyzing the off-line or historical data
  • Ability to assess and diagnose the current health of assets
  • Detection of potential faults through condition assessment and pre-alarm

Asset management
  • Allowing smart/non-smart assets data to be part of assets historical data
  • Historical data collection and storing, building specific service strategy for specific assets
  • Collects diagnostic information from many sources like Low and medium voltage assets

Operational savings
  • Reduction of unscheduled downtime
  • Operational cost control
  • Avoid unplanned outage or long time repairing
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