CaseworkiQ - Workforce Management for Back-office Casework

avtor: ActiveOps plc

The smarter way to manage case-based work and teams.

Focus on the right cases, at the right time, forecast and plan capacity intelligently, and demonstrate compliance.

Leading and managing teams responsible for case-based work is challenging. The complexity of these types of workflows makes it difficult to measure, forecast, and plan capacity to ensure that enough resources are available to complete the work within committed service level agreements (SLAs). In highly regulated environments, not meeting deadlines or being unable to demonstrate compliance exposes the organisation to risk of fines, reputational damage and more.

CaseworkiQ is a workforce management solution specifically built to support back-office operations processing case-based work. It enables operations to make better decisions using detailed, actionable insights and planning capabilities. As a result, operations can manage and prioritise cases better and forecast and plan capacity to meet service level and regulatory commitments, bringing control to operations and reducing risk and costs of non-compliance.

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