Quinteo | Nonprofit Case Management

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Quinteo, a case management platform for direct service providers

Nonprofits that provide individualized assistance in their community are overwhelmed with mundane work. Caseworkers, program managers, data specialists, and administrative staff spend countless hours working with systems that, according to them, are not meeting their standards of care.

Quinteo addresses these concerns in three key ways: 


Poor design and data silos are the two main reasons why providers need to enter the same data multiple times. Our solution helps streamline intake and service coordination so that teams working across programs only need to enter the client information once. In addition, we offer a complementary product* to automate duplicate data entry into the funder system.


No two organizations are the same in the way they work. To this end, Quinteo can be customized to track all your programs in one place. Things like generating reports, adding or removing fields, and creating dashboards are just a few of the features organizations love about our platform.


The need for coordination and collaboration is more important than at any time in our history. Building in line with open standards such as the Nonprofit Common Data Model means that it is easier to exchange data with other systems.

Compatible with PowerApps and Dynamics 365, Quinteo includes the ability to:

  1. Manage individual and household clients

  2. Manage organizational entities such as institutions, and service providers

  3. Manage intake and eligibility

  4. Manage enrollment

  5. Track referrals

  6. Track case notes

  7. Track goals and milestones

  8. Track assessments

  9. Generate reports and charts

*Available at an additional cost

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