Adaptive onVisit Visitor Management System

avtor: Adaptive AS

Keep track of visitors and contractors - pre registration from calendar - check in with QR

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onVisit ensures a professional and positive reception for visitors to more than 2000 companies in Norway and worldwide. The services are used by companies of all sizes and within most business areas.

onVisit offers a high level of service, is easy to use for employees and guests alike, and simultaneously facilitates resource saving for the company. It reliably solves most tasks usually performed by receptionists, which allows for the use of unmanned or partly staffed receptions, streamlining the company’s use of time and resources.

onVisit also protects the security of your company, by providing an overview and complete control of arrivals and departures of guests. The electronic log shows the complete history on previous visits.

The service is built in line with the conditions and needs of global enterprises. By choosing onVisit, you will benefit from the opportunity to customize a solution for your offices of all sizes. In addition, you are given the unique opportunity to actively influence the continuous evolvement of the service.

Among onVisits most prominent advantages is its degree of flexibility – the service is highly customizable, both in regards to design and functionality. The standard services in onVisit will cover most needs, but the service can also be extended with a rich variety of additional services, should the need arise.

onVisit is delivered as a subscription based SaaS solution hosted on Microsoft Azure.

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