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PlanEngage is an innovative digital reporting solution improving the stakeholder engagement process

PlanEngage is an innovative digital solution streamlining the stakeholder engagement process and improving public participation and stakeholder engagement throughout the planning process.

PlanEngage brings an innovative digital approach to the planning and reporting process of any infrastructure project allowing for enhanced communication and engagement between stakeholders and strengthened collaboration and feedback. This helps to minimize project risk and improve outcomes for the project owner, the community, and the environment.

Easily accessible in the cloud, and simple to use, PlanEngage enables teams to collaboratively create, edit, and publish highly visual and interactive communication throughout the lifecycle of a project - including images, videos, 360-degree project progress images, visualizations, project dashboards, and more.

Coupled with inbuilt feedback capture and reporting, PlanEngage supports communication consistency, enhanced collaboration, regulatory compliance, improved accessibility and social license.

PlanEngage provides widespread opportunities for people to understand a new building and/or infrastructure project, its impacts, and its potential before it goes ahead, but also throughout its lifecycle - facilitating deeper engagement and more informed consent and driving better and more cost-effective decisions.

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