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Enable your sales team to improve shelf performance, promotion compliance and overall efficiency.

AFS Retail Execution is a robust, flexible mobile solution designed to empower field sales to quickly manage daily in-store tasks. Specifically, the solution supports field sales and merchandising in the execution of tasks designed to deliver on both the Perfect Store as well as field efficiency..

AFS Retail Execution offers an industry-specific set of features that fulfill the core set of requirements for field sales execution. In addition, the product is designed with a level of configurability that allows you to address advanced requirements and unique needs without having to customize the software.

Key Features

  • Visit workflows by call type to clearly indicate what should be done at each point of sale
  • Active in-store data capture and insights: product audits, in-store surveys, photos, planogram compliance and more
  • Digital Image Recognition to identify the presence and location of products on the shelf
  • Order entry and financial transactions: product credits, payments, booking sheets and more
  • Comprehensive listing and pricing to support granular scenario compositions across chains, regions, and categories
  • Specific capabilities to build the ideal planogram and to measure compliance vs plan/perfect store scenario

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