Agari Brand Protection™ for DMARC

Agari Data Inc

Protect your customers and partners from email phishing attacks that hijack your brand.

The Value  of Agari Brand Protection

Agari Brand Protection is the industry-leading DMARC email authentication and enforcement solution that restores customer trust in your email communications by protecting your customers from costly phishing attacks impersonating your brand. 

Solution benefits include:

  • Improving customer trust by protecting your brand from being used in phishing attacks.
  • Accelerating DMARC enforcement and decreasing time to reject by automating implementation.
  • Maximizing marketing efficacy and improving email engagement with trusted communications.
  • Reducing operational costs associated with email channel management.

Earning Our Customers' Trust

Microsoft trusts none other than Agari to protect its own iconic brand. We manage 227k domains with customers including 

  •  Aetna, Apple, Google, top social networks and cloud providers
  •  6 of the top 10 banks such as HSBC, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase, 
  •  And many more..

De-risking Your DMARC Program

  • Fully-automated DMARC  deployment reduces administration burden
  • Email cloud intelligence automates sender domain and IP address management
  • Lookalike domain defense identifies malicious domains impersonating your brand
  • BIMI brand indicators put a trusted logo on every email you send, creating millions of free brand impressions using the BIMI standard
  • And many more...

Protecting Your Microsoft Investment

  • Seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Exchange, and other email sending services
  • Inbound DMARC Visibility capability uses Microsoft Graph API to reveal email authentication status of inbound  messages 
  • The only DMARC Vendor to share alarms with Azure Sentinel to easily triage threats and generate SOC efficiencies

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