Agrivi Enterprise FMS

AGRIVI d.o.o.

Farmers central place. Plan, track, analyze. Make data-driven decisions. Ensure sustainability.

Agrivi is a farm management software that helps growers establish sustainable farm management practices and reach profitable crop production. By providing farmers with knowledge about farming best practices and with real-time insight into farming performance, Agrivi lets farmers make data-driven decisions which in turn increases their overall yields. Agrivi strongly relies on Microsoft’s technologies and solutions: • Agrivi platform is built using .NET framework • Agrivi is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform, using products such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, etc. to deliver its services to customers Agrivi is available as a web application that can be used in any OS and browser, and as native mobile applications for Android and iOS with offline mode support. Agrivi is available in several commercial offerings – as a SaaS product with 14-days full-featured free trial, or as an Enterprise private cloud deployment. Agrivi integrates with many other agronomy services, such as satellite imagery, weather stations, fleet management, etc.
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