Sunrise Surgical Care

avtor: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Sunrise Surgical Care delivers clinical and operational efficiencies to your Ambulatory Surgery Cent

Sunrise™ Surgical Care ASC is a stand-alone version of our EHR module deployed on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. This app supports standalone ambulatory surgery centers with a single, continuous patient record, from the perioperative suite to postoperative care and beyond. Sunrise Surgical Care for ASC is an EHR as a service offering tailored to support the growing ASC market. It is an Azure-hosted solution with clinical and operational tools as well as standard interfaces to support the ASCs goals of efficient, lean operations, outstanding patient outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

“With the implementation of Sunrise Surgical Care on existing Sunrise platform, users are able to have a more unified view of patient records, which will improve operational efficiencies in patient care. With increasing reliance on system availability, it is essential to have a responsive support team that can help us to resolve issues, ensuring the smooth running of our systems and operations.” Joshua Tjandra Tjahjono, Director, Information Technology, SKH

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