WorldVDS Communicator

avtor: Amplitudenet LDA

Create visual enhanced and interactive internal, communication, videos, KPI & news for you employees

Enhanced Communication

Create an engaging interactive and animated playlist of news, KPIs, interactive polls or quizzes, dashboards, data, templates, or videos to present to users in a corporate TV channel directly inside Microsoft Teams.

Easy Setup

Control information flow and playlists directly inside the Microsoft Teams App, no need for external logins on other websites.

Notification and Engagement

Create instant notifications to alert users on their mobiles and desktop apps. Use notifications to alert for new content or data so users never miss the news from your company, even if they don't open the app regularly.


Check daily and in real-time if your users see the news and the content published, with easy graphics and reports.

> Nuno Barros from Lipor SA said, "The possibilities that the back office allows are enormous, facilitating content management and planning, enabling more assertive communication".

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