Data Management for Regulatory Reporting

avtor: Analytium Ltd

Data Controller enables self serve reference data & EUC management within regulated SAS environments

Is data access preventing you from generating effective reports and insights?

Analytium helps Banking, Finance, Insurance and Telecom enterprise organisations to manage, process and validate data for effective reporting & analytics. With a wealth of customers across multiple industries, the Analytium SAS team experienced first-hand the inefficient data practices that reporting teams had to endure when changes needed to be made to the data and source system access wasn’t possible.

Managing reporting in data intensive regulated industries create multiple governance challenges for data users, approvers and auditors and preventing from streamlined business operations and informed decision making. Some of the key challenges are:

Data Capture: The mismanagement of multiple data access and permission levels can prevent data users to make the necessary updates required for their day to day tasks. 

Data Validation: with a high volume of data and users, approvers often lack visibility to monitor, validate or reject critical updates required to produce critical reports for the business.

Breach and Compliance risk management: the level of data management complexity often make it challenging for Data auditors to access a reliable data history and assess potential risks on data breach or compliance.

Data Controller for SAS® is an easy to use web application enabling data users to efficiently understand, manage and monitor their data and create efficient reporting in complex and regulated industries. This tool enables enterprise organisations to:

Secure data from unauthorised changes ensuring the appropriate data is protected.

Enable updates in real-time for your teams to create always up to date reporting and insights.

Ensure all changes are reviewed and approved to maintain ongoing monitoring and visibility to proactively identify potential risk of breach and compliance. 

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