Manufacturo Alertigo

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Alertigo - a scalable, out-of-the-box notification solution that bolts-on to most business solutions

Manufacturo ALERTIGO is a robust alert and notification solution that works by capturing changes in data through “snapshots” . This alerting engine enables the entire operation to become more proactive to potential issues through early warnings or immediate fist-hand notifications.

Kay Features:
Notifications based on customizable search ​​​​​​the solution captures data changes with configurable business rules, utilizes  predefined templates to dynamically generate rich content along with substituting recipients from the search results and ultimately delivers the right message through the right channel at the right time. 
Enhance the value of your existing enterprise systems ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Manufacturo ALERTIGO can bolt on to any solution (ERP, MES, HR, Logistic, Time&Attendance). It provides users with an easy-to-use wizard to setup and run the notifications. The engine requires less than a day to get the entire process up and running. It supports various back-end systems – just need to connect to a database (e.g., MS SQL, Oracle).
Secure cloud-based architecture - an Edge device installed on client’s hardware is responsible for connecting and interacting with local databases and communicating with Manufacturo ALERTIGO in the cloud. This solution enables the system to send only contents required for notification and Manuacturo guarantees end-to-end encryption for all data transits from any endpoint to the cloud.

How ALERTIGO solves the problem:
  • Cloud-based solution with very little startup cost
  • Easily bolts on to various existing systems without any modification
Connects to most database types
Easy-to-use experience creating an alerting “Job”
Job configuration sequence Wizard like
Data processing configuration is simplified
WYSWIG notification configuration
  • The ALERTIGO engine reads these configurations and derives who to send it to and when
Captures “critical events” by monitoring changing data using “snapshots”
Dynamically generates email/alert contents and recipients
Send notifications via emails or Teams Notification
  • Fast/Low Risk
Notifications takes minutes to create and require no deployment
User can test it end-to-end without spamming actual recipients

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