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AI-powered Psychometrics and CV screening for recruitment

Apta-HR is an AI-powered 'Applicant Tracking System' empowering recruiters and hiring managers to reinvent their hiring with AI-powered CV screening & Psychometrics.

We are one of the pioneers in adopting AI for the recruitment industry and our AI-powered SaaS application (Apta-HR has helped organizations reinvent their job screening & hiring processes and help them transition out from their traditional ATS applications.

Today, it is no longer just the skill and experience of a candidate that matters, knowing the personality of a candidate and looking for the right cultural fit plays a big factor in making an informed hire. Unlike traditional standalone Psychometric applications, Apta-HR is one of the global firsts to integrate video-based AI-powered psychometrics/personality profiling into an ATS application.

Apta-HR key features include:

  • AI-powered CV screening to eliminate any screen bias
  • define a custom workflow to screen each job position
  • schedule virtual SKILL assessments
  • schedule online video-based PSYCHOMETRIC assessments
  • schedule virtual VIDEO interviews
  • Anti-cheat functionality monitoring candidate assessments

With Apta-HR hiring managers benefit from 360-degree visibility into a candidate fit before investing in any interview time.

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