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avtor: AQL Technologies

A Suite of Applications for Business Productivity provides organizations with applications to manage their enterprise-wide resources and address any underlying issues. It encompasses a range of tools to perform various activities like office seating arrangement, request for expenditure, custom survey & questionnaire tool, and employee vaccine tracker.

The functionalities of the application includes:

  1. Office Seating arrangement tool to prepare and customize employee seating arrangement in office.

  1. Request for Expenditure is a highly intuitive platform to create, use, approve, reject, and update expenditure request processes.

  1. Custom Survey & Questionnaire Tool helps users in designing flexible online surveys with tailored questions for the audience.

  1. Employee Vaccine Tracker helps users to schedule, monitor, and manage employee vaccinations to ensure workplace health safety. also provides intelligent & interactive visualization to view, analyze & get insights into accumulative data.

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