ALFRED - AI Health Claims Automation

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Health Claims enables both cashless (pre-auth claims), post discharge (reimbursement claims)

Automated, Touch-less and End to End Platform for cashless (Planned or Emergency)and post-discharge (Reimbursement) claims processing with instant payout under 15 Minutes.

Customer Driven Health & Medical Claims AI Platform Instant. Customer Driven. AI Based.

CASHLESS CLAIMS (EMERGENCY OR PLANNED)- AI Based Automated claims platform under 10 minutes. Take photo of hospital bills estimate, KYC, health card, consulting report, pre-authorisation form etc and ALFRED will do OCR/ICR, QC, Health claim profiling, medical coding and estimating final claims payout.

POST-DISCHARGE OR REIMBURSEMENT CLAIMS -AI based claims settlement platform under 60 mins. Upload or take photo of hospital bills, pharmacy bills, consulting reports, claims form, kyc, cancelled cheque, procedure or diagnostic reports, and ALFRED will take care of everything further to enable final payout.

Medical & Health Claims Platform for TPAs & Brokers: Medical & Health Claims are painful process for TPAs and Brokers as they are customer front businesses. Delaying in claims or rejection in claims are challenging and reducing their revenue too. ALFRED provides AI enabled solution to file for claims automatically by reducing errors, cost and also increasing chances of claims approval. Get instant claims estimate and shortcomings in filing if any.

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